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Sadly YouTube has deemed our blurred version of a visit to the
San Francisco Nude Beach to be inappropriate
!  It remains available
on our website.


Husband Swing Dancing
Walk Thru Haight Ashbury

We walk our bikes through the Haight Ashbury Neighborhood on our way to Golden Gate Park for lunch.  Beautiful day - Beautiful men! 
Published July 29, 2015


Husband Swing Dancing
Coit Tower With Antonio

Our friend Antonio arrives from Italy to spend the Summer with us.  First stop - lunch on the grounds
of the beautiful Coit Tower.

Published July 26, 2015


Husband Swing Dancing
Husband Learns To Swing Dance

Ahhh... my handsome husband learns to Swing dance out at Golden Gate Park. That's right, I get to wake up  with this guy every morning.  Hubba hubba hubba! 
Published July 20, 2015
SF Conservatory of Flowers
SF Conservatory of Flowers

Stroll along as we walk through San Francisco's beautiful Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park. Lovely orchids and a lot of man-eating plants!
Published July 18, 2015

Our First Date
Our First Date

Three weeks after secretly falling in love with my now husband he asked me out on what was our  first date. We rode bikes around Stowe Lake, San Francisco.

Published July 15, 2015


Online Store Ad
Online Store Ad

By adding an online "merch" store you can generate income. Ads like this one can be easily created to run at the end any uploaded video. 
Published July 2, 2015


Add an Outro to your videos
Adding An Outro To Your Videos

At the end of each video you should add an "Outro" or small 30-45 second ad to encourage your viewers to click on a previous or highlighted video or subscribe to your channel.
Published July 1, 2015


Warp City Trailer 1
Trailer for Warp City Adult Site

Take a look at the sexy men of Warp City in this quick 45 second trailer.  All amateur straight men auditioning for a place in adult movies.
Published December 29, 2012

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